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Preventive Dentistry

Sky Dental Care provides the preventive dental care that you need to help you avoid dental problems and keep your teeth looking great. Although we deal with all manner of dental problems and emergencies, the basic focus of our Forest Hills dental practice is to promote excellent dental health. We recommend routine dental inspections, cleaning, and early treatment of any early dental problems. And, we apply dental sealants as appropriate.

Routine Dental Cleaning For Our New York Dental Patients

We recommend dental cleaning every six months. This is the correct amount of time between cleanings to help avoid excessive buildup of plaque. Untreated plaque is a primary cause of tooth decay and poor gum health. In a routine thirty-minute dental cleaning we will use special instruments to remove the hardened deposits called plaque or tartar that can accumulate on your teeth despite frequent brushing and flossing. While doing this, we check for cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal problems.

When plaque buildup is excessive, we will do tooth scaling and even debride the areas of plaque accumulation if necessary. By removing the plaque, dentine, or cementum that has accumulated on any root surfaces, we are getting rid of the causes of root inflammation.

We will do simple root scaling by hand, but for more extensive disease, the use of an electronic scaler may be necessary. By using more advanced technology we will get the job done faster and more efficiently. With our years of experience, we will choose the approach that is more effective and least uncomfortable for our patients.

When the cleaning is complete, we will polish your teeth. This makes the dental surface smooth denies the plaque an easy area for building up again.

Prevention of Gingivitis

Dental cleaning is not just a cosmetic process or something that we do while checking for cavities. Untreated plaque buildup at the gum line causes irritation from bacteria that accumulate. This infection, called gingivitis, causes swelling, redness, and bleeding of the gums.

Untreated gingivitis results in receding gums, loosening of the teeth and eventual loss. Although there are treatments that we do for advanced gingivitis and periodontal disease, we much prefer to prevent these problems in our patients with routine and effective preventative dental services.

Application of Sealants

When one of our patients has grooves or spaces between their teeth that are too narrow to brush, we will apply a sealant after we finish with dental cleaning and polishing. This helps protect the hard-to-brush areas from early and excessive buildup of plaque. We simply brush the sealant into the vulnerable areas to provide extra protection when needed.

Protecting Your Teeth with Custom Mouth Guards

At Sky Dental Care we create custom mouth guards for our Forest Hills dental patients who engage in contact sports and for patients who have problems from clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth at night. These mouth guards last as long as a decade and provide excellent dental protection.

At Sky Dental Care we care about your dental health and that starts with routine preventative cleaning. To the extent that you need specific additional treatments or procedures, we will have the skills and experience to do what needs to be done to preserve the dental health of our New York dental patients.

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