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General Dentistry Services

At Sky Dental Care we provide a full range of dental services for our patients from Forest Hills and throughout New York. We are available for everything from dental emergencies to routine tooth fillings. Drs. Hacikian and Bostanci are experienced in doing root canal work, preparing and placing crowns and dental bridges, and in tooth extraction when necessary. In addition, Sky Dental Care in Forest Hills, NY provides a high level of expertise in dealing with sleep apnea and providing TMJ treatment for our dental patients.

Preventative Dental Care in Forest Hills

While we deal with all manner of urgent dental problems, our practice emphasizes dental health for our patients. We have a strong focus on oral health education, routine checkups and cleanings, and early treatment of any problems before they become emergencies. As such, we recommend routine visits including professional cleaning, a dental exam, x-rays (when needed), and a review by our professional Forest Hills dental staff.

Early Dental Intervention to Prevent
Long Term Dental Problems

By providing good preventative care and early dental interventions for evolving problems, we provide our dental patients with dental fillings long before they might otherwise arrive at our door with a dental abscess and require a root canal. We provide bonding and preparation and placement of crowns before teeth are lost and bridgework or implants are required.

Each of Our Forest Hills Dental Patients Is Unique

Although we apply a high level of skill and professional excellence to our work, we also deal with each of our Forest Hills, Queens dental patients as a unique individual. We have developed lasting relationships with our patients by taking into account their individual needs.  We are always attentive to the expectations of our patients. As such, we work with each individual to tailor our approach to their unique issues of dental health.

Forest Hills Dental Emergencies

When you have a painful and urgent dental problem, our staff will find you a slot in our schedule the same day at our Forest Hills dental office. We have the skills and experience to deal with all manner of urgent issues such as painful cavities and dental abscesses. Contact us if you have a dental emergency.

Preventative Gum Treatment in Forest Hills

Untreated gingivitis often causes periodontitis with bleeding and receding gums, the loss of teeth, and a host of secondary medical issues. At Sky Dental Care we provide the entire range of treatments for receding gums, tooth loss, and prevention of medical complications. If you are concerned about gum issues, contact us for a consultation.

TMJ Treatment

Many times a patient complaining of dental pain has an issue affecting their TMJ. We specialize in treating such issues. Contact us for an evaluation.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Forest Hills

Sleep apnea can be a very dangerous condition that affects not only a good night’s sleep but general health as well. This condition may its source in a dental problem. We are always pleased to assess these issues from a dental perspective. Contact us for a consultation.

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