Why Do My Teeth Hurt ?

Why Do My Teeth Hurt ?

teeth pain

We routinely ask this above question to dentists. Almost everyone who has visited the dentist has, at some point, uttered these words. However you may still be confused and like me would wonder at times, why do teeth hurt? It’s often something hard to ignore, and everyone wants an end to the ache. To help you understand why they keep hurting, we have listed the possible reasons.

Do Teeth Hurt Because They Are Sensitive?

Bad Tooth Pain

sensitive teeth

Usually, teeth are covered by a layer of enamel which protects the nerve endings inside. However, this layer can erode over time. It can then lead to a painful toothache, especially when you expose yourself to acidic or sweet foods because food is directly in contact with your nerve endings. The pain may also increase with the consumption of hot or cold food. This contact can pose a massive problem for individuals.

The next time you go to the dentist, or you wonder teeth are sensitive, blame nerve endings. The removal of the enamel can be due to multiple causes which include among others a poor diet or lack of cleaning. We can define a poor diet as one in which we take a high amount of calories. Also, in this diet, there is a lack of focus on meeting nutritional needs. Correcting the diet may remove the pain and reduce the toothache. Also, regular dental cleanings are recommended. These include rinsing with mouthwash, appropriate brushing, and flossing. Provided you do this; there is little chance of recurring pain. This will also remove the element of sensitive teeth, thereby improving your condition.

Gum Recession Leads To Pain

Receding Gums

gum recession

Another layer of protection which if afforded to teeth is through gums. They surround the teeth and the nerves around it. However, as we age, our gums begin to recede. You may wake up one day and wonder why my teeth are not surrounded by gum anymore. There is no cause for worry as this is only natural. However, it results in more hurting as there is no layer to offer safety.

Individuals with receding gums must be careful. They must think of alternative solutions to stop this painful experience. Many people turn to artificial layers or preventive aids. Both measures show that to combat toothache, we need to do something. On the contrary, regular surveillance will allow you to spot decay quickly.

What this means is that you will be able to treat and remove cavities rapidly with fillings. This can potentially provide what is excellent protection against the rise of pain or even protect your tooth from damage. All of this can make a difference in the whole experience of pain.


Toothache Results Due To Cavities Or Tooth Decay

Watch Out For Rotten Teeth

tooth decay

This is by far the most common source of causing pain in teeth. Cavities are notorious for causing severe pain. They are also tough to spot. At times they may be very stealthy leading to you, and we fail to realize their presence. This only becomes evident when pain in your teeth begins to increase. Thus many people see it as a silent killer of their teeth.

Cavities, when fully formed, lead to decay of the teeth. This creates weakness and frailty, which then results in the painful teeth, you feel every day. Another reason why cavities are familiar is the rise of unsafe food. Many people consume fast food or food rich in sugar, which aids the development of these cavities. The next time that you wonder why my teeth are sensitive or why my tooth hurts, you may think of these foods. Cutting back on them will ultimately be of benefit to both you and your lifestyle. So the consumption of such food must be curtailed. This action will help to reduce the ache and also provide other advantages.

Another avenue which must be taken into account is the requirement of regularly visiting a dentist. Many people assume that having yearly checkups do not have an impact. This is an entirely wrong and illogical statement to make.


Painful Teeth Or Ache May Be An Effect Of Bruxism

Teeth Grinding

This is a condition which most people are unaware of. However, it is usually found to affect all of us.

Bruxism is a term which refers to grinding. It refers to people who grind their teeth. My experience with individuals suggests that many people ignore this cause. They seem to understate the effect of this disease and the hurting it can lead to. This disease is especially true for individuals who take care of their teeth by keeping a healthy diet and regular cleaning. If despite this, you are incapable of removing the ache, bruxism may be the issue. Immense grinding can damage the top of your teeth and can also lead to damaging the gums and enamel.

grinding your teeth

The ordinary course of action, when faced with this problem, is to go to the dentist. He or she will then prescribe the appropriate treatment. Mouth night guards may be an option. For those that grind their teeth due to psychiatric problems, other medicines may be needed. These problems may include stress and anxiety. Treatments include visiting a therapist or regular medication. With the right treatment and a willingness to work to reduce stress, this problem can be solved. Hopefully, with these measures, you can put an end to bruxism and stop asking yourself why my teeth are sensitive.

tmjTMJ Disorders

Ear & Jaw Pain

A type of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problem, TMJ disorders cause discomfort in the jaw joint and also bordering muscles. TMJ discomfort can radiate to teeth and also may include face discomfort or migraine. Anyone with this condition may wake up after a sleeping with more pain, and may need TMJ treatment.

Sinus Congestion & Infection

Symptoms Of Sinus Infection

When you have a sinus infection (rhinosinusitis) or your nasal cavities are swollen as well as really feel stuffed, your top back teeth may hurt a bit. It feels like a bit of pressure in your mouth. You might likewise have pain around your eyes or temple. Anything that triggers sinus congestion, such as colds or allergic reactions, can trigger this result.

Older Dental Work Or Cracked Teeth

Keep Your Teeth Inspections Up To Date

Older fillings, dental fillings that cracked, or other cracks can subject the inner layers of teeth to exposure, boosting sensitivity. If left untreated you may need a root canal or other remedies.

Heart Disease

Cardiac Arrest Symptoms

It’s difficult to know when to see a dentist or doctor since it’s not constantly simple to determine the origin of the discomfort in teeth. Particularly for signs that are severe or have actually lasted longer than a day or two.

cardiac arrest

Jaw discomfort can be misinterpreted for tooth pain however might represent a major problem, such as angina or cardiac arrest.

Go to an emergency room or call 911 right away if you experience any of these signs along with pain in your teeth and also jaw:

  • Lack of breath
  • Sweating
  • Queasiness
  • Upper body pain


Be Careful Of Painful Teeth

Painful teeth are very dangerous and can be a cause of discomfort. Many people hurt a lot, and this may be due to teeth being sensitive or damaged. To combat this ailment, we require a complete understanding of the problem. This can be done by following the measures underlined above. If your ache is caused by what is stated above, then change in your lifestyle is required. That may put an end to the hurting that you are facing.

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